The Connector Conference

20 September 2022

Tel Aviv


20 September 2022 - Times are shown in Israel Standard Time (IST)

AGENDA - Venue Address: Mindspace, 54 Ahad Ha’am st, Tel Aviv

timepreliminary programPreliminary program

Venue Address: Mindspace, 54 Ahad Ha’am st, Tel Aviv


Welcome from Israel & Sweden

  • Erik Ullenhag, Ambassador of Sweden to Israel
  • Darja Isaksson, Director General, Vinnova
  • Jan Larsson, CEO, Business Sweden
  • Marcus Wallenberg, Chair of the Board, SEB

Israel’s AgriFood-Tech Sector Overview

  • Eliran Elimelech, VP of Ecosystem Development, Start-Up Nation Central

Introduction Key Notes to Collaboration with Swedish MNEs & Investors á 15min

Each MNE introduces to their next innovation and tech scouting interests within which they welcome external partnerships and capabilities from Israeli partners.

Introduction to tech and innovation collaboration with Tetrapak
Micael Simonsson, Director Processing Innovations at Tetra Pak

Synopsis: Tetra Pak is a world leading food processing and packaging solutions company with 25.000 employees in 160 countriesWe’re on a mission to answer our industry’s most pressing questions, and we know we can’t do it alone. That’s why we’re always on the look-out for opportunities to combine the most innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology of startups & universities with our expertise, solutions and scale. Together, we explore ideas, push technology forward and shape the future of the industry. Tetra Pak is interested in precision fermentation and other biotechnology techniques to produce novel foods and alternative proteins.

Orkla – Innovating for a healthier and more sustainable future

Maria Tilly, Marketing Director Orkla Foods Sverige & Christoffer Hoel, VP Strategy Orkla ASA

Orkla is the leading Nordic branded consumer goods company with strong market positions based on local consumer insight and a sustainable business model. The ambition is to be a driving force in the transition to a healthy, sustainable food system and a sustainable lifestyle. Focus is on health and alternative proteins, with a history of success with brands such as Anamma and Naturli’. Collaboration is key and Orkla is exploring opportunities such as go to market partnerships, co-innovation and early-stage investments.

The Only Constant Is Change, DeLaval 
Lior Yaron, Senior Advisor, Global Customer Support & Development, DeLaval International AB Sweden and Head of Projects at Granot International (part of Granot Group of Companies), Israel  

Synopsis: Agri Food and Agri Tech are our focused area -  Ever since our start we have been looking to see how we, with innovative solutions can help dairy farmers around the globe to be more efficient in what they do. ​Fostering innovation and protecting what we invent is key to our long-term success. 

IKEA Food & Innovation
Johan Lindgärde, Material and Innovation Developer, Category Area Food, IKEA of Sweden AB

Synopsis: A truly sustainable food system must be based on delicious, nutritious and responsibly produced food. IKEA is taking a full value chain approach to contributing to sustainable food systems, from responsible sourcing of materials, reducing food waste along the value chain, circular and more sustainable packaging and using the IKEA reach to make healthy and sustainable food options available to as many people as possible. Innovation and collaboration is paramount. to reach these goals.


Swedish "fika" 


Introduction to Swedish and Israeli Start-up, Scale-up & SMEs Pitches (8 pitching slots)

Bee-io (ISR)
Tal Malca Salhuv, CMO

  • Bee-io Honey produces honey without bees in a process that combines natural nectar flowers with unique biological processes that turn the nectar into honey. The company aims to develop cultured honey via an artificial bee stomach that naturally mimics the enzymatic activity and specific conditions and processes that occur in the bee's stomach. In addition, Bee-io is working on technologies to produce natural nectar to increase the capacity of honey production quickly and more efficiently.

Remilk (ISR)
Ben Adivi, Business Development Manager

  • Remilk develops real dairy products with no animals involved. The company's goal is to reshape dairy products without compromising on flavor. Remilk is using a microbial fermentation process to reproduce milk proteins to craft real dairy with the same flavor, texture, and nutritional values.

Norbite (SWE)
Nathalie Berezina, CEO

  • Transforms plastic waste into sustainable goods by means of an insect-based biorefinery. he selected insect, Galleria mellonella, possess the extraordinary capacity to naturally digests plastic. Norbite took advantage of this feeding specificity of G. mellonella and has developed a proprietary vertical farming technology to enable the insects to perform at industrial scale.

Deversify (SWE)
Anders Murman, CEO & co-founder

  • A Swedish R&D company offering health-tech solutions for consumers.We develop and commercialise mobile electronic devices and apps to monitor biomarkers for individualised health, specialising in breathalysers.We also develop and provide education services regarding metabolic health and personalised nutrition.Our vision is that everyone should understand their own health.Deversify’s goal is to be the leading provider of consumer health products for improved fact-based wellbeing globally.

Steakholder Foods (ISR)
Yair Ayalon, Business Development Manager

  • Steakholder Foods (previously MeaTech 3D) develops complex cultured meat by combining 3D-printing technologies with cellular agriculture. The company’s technology aims to enable the direct production of meat instead of raising the entire animal. The company takes a sample of stem cells from an animal, reproduces the cells, divides them into different meat components, and 3D prints the cultured meat in an accurate shape and structure. The company plans to develop clean farming through an industrial cultured meat process without harming animals.

Irriot (SWE)
Alexander Palin, CEO

  • Provides a wireless, self-powered irrigation automation platform with the main goal to significantly reduce water wastage in agriculture, save on electrical bills, eliminate human factor and provide better crop yields in food production for our fast growing population. IRRIOT’s platform combines the power of the latest IoT low power and long-range radio communication technology (LoRa), and the cloud computing. By bridging them, we create the next generation of smart irrigation solutions.

ImaginDairy (ISR)
Roni Zidon-Eyal, VP Business Development

  • Imagindairy is developing a commercial and viable animal-free protein-based dairy product based on the company's technology. The company's proprietary computational technology integrates AI technology with system biology to increase the expression of milk proteins in microflora.

Watergen (ISR)
Anna Chernyavsky, Director of Sales

  • Watergen develops energy-efficient, accessible solutions to collect clean and safe drinking water from the air. The company offers water-from-air units in different sizes that can serve a variety of needs and require no infrastructure other than electricity or solar energy.

Participants are invited to a networking lunch on-premise.


Introduction Key Notes to Collaboration with Swedish & Israeli Academia & Research Institutes á 15min

Ramot - an overview of Tel Aviv University technologies and capabilities in Food and Agri-Tech 
Keren Primor Cohen , CEO of Ramot, Tel Aviv University
Synopsis: With dozens of technologies and laboratories at Tel Aviv University, and over 50 years of commercialization experience, we bring you coverage  of the groundbreaking developments in Food and Agri-Tech.

Innovation and tech collaboration Lund University
Jeanette Purhagen, Managing Director Food Science Sweden & Project Manager/Researcher at Department of Food Technology, Engineering and Nutrition Lund University

Synopsis: Food Science Sweden (FSS) is a joint organization, gathering the largest players in Swedish food science research – Chalmers, Lund University, SLU, Örebro University and RISE in a joint action for Swedish food science research. Interested in collaboration within: Plant-based, residual streams, dairies, nutrition and macrobiotics.

Agritech & FoodTech at Yissum, Hebrew University’s Tech Transfer Company
Ilya Pittel, Vice President of Business Development


Networking break & coffee @ the Terrace of Mindspace


Pre-booked and matched in advance via online platform.
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