Industry 4.0 & Cyber Security

Tel Aviv

6 December 2022


6 December 2022 - Times are shown in Israel Standard Time (IST)

Venue Address: Mindspace, Ahad Ha'Am St 54, Tel Aviv

timepreliminary programPreliminary program

Venue Address: Mindspace, 54 Ahad Ha’am st, Tel Aviv


Welcome from Israel & Sweden

  • Erik Ullenhag, Ambassador of Sweden to Israel
  • Joanna Boquist, Head of Vinnova in Israel
  • Lior Konitzki, Vice Director General, Israel Export Institute

Introduction to Sweden's International Innovation Accelerator

  • Maja Zoric, Inverst and Trade Commissioner, Business Sweden

Introduction to Israel’s Smart & Sustainable Industry with Focus on AI, big data and cyber security


Produktion 2030 - Swedish Platform for Industry 4.0
Cecilia Warrol, Director, Produktion 2030

  • Synopsis: Produktion2030 is a Swedish innovation programme for Industry 4.0. Produktion2030 invests in research, innovation and digitalization; through collaboration between Swedish manufacturing industry, universities and RTO’s. Produktion2030 operates through four instruments: (1) innovation projects, (2) higher education, (3) small and medium sized enterprises, (4) analysis and internationalization. 



Introduction Key Notes to Collaboration with Swedish MNEs & Investors á 15min

  • Technology Roadmap (TRM) for Securing Future Competence Needs in Scania Production
    Maheshwaran Gopalakrishnan, Research Manager - Future Manufacturing Technologies, Scania

    Synopsis:  Scania works with future scenarios to create Technology Road Maps (TRM) to secure future competence needs with production and logistics. Scania’s prioritized areas for tech scouting are within the electrification and circularity and all technologies that will lead us towards that.

  • Bringing tomorrow’s electronics to life with Mycronic
    Måns Bjuggren, Director Strategy and M&A

    Synopsis: Mycronic is a global high-tech company that develops, manufactures and markets production equipment that meets the electronics industry’s high demands for precision, flexibility and efficiency. We are looking for novel solutions to solve customer needs and bring future opportunities to the electronics world.

  • Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for Green Spaces Routine Maintenance
    Odi Dahan, Head of Husqvarna Tel-Aviv AI Lab

    Synopsis: Husqvarna is leading the robotic lawn mower market for 27 years. Emerging AI-based computer vision technologies create exciting opportunities for smarter and safer robotic functions. This presentation provides a sneak peek into the future of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The presentation will also highlight the foundation of Husqvarna Tel-Aviv AI Lab, and how Swedish and Israeli computer vision engineers innovate together.

  • Introduction to innovation collaboration with CEVT
    Lior Zeno, Head of Israel Innovation Hub, CEVT

    CEVT is the European R&D and Innovation center of the Geely Group. We develop complete vehicles, platforms and other products and services for our family world leady brands like Zeekr, Volvo Cars, Polestar, Lynk and Co, Lotus and more.

    CEVT Israel Innovation Hub has deep roots both at the Israeli Autotech ecosystem and the Swedish Automotive Industry. The hub constantly working with bridging the gaps – between industry and startups, Sweden and Israel and new technologies – towards our joint goal - make mobility of tomorrow better, smarter and Sustainable.


Networking break with Swedish-style "fika"


Introduction to Swedish and Israeli Start-up, Scale-up & SMEs Pitches 

  • Lean AI
    Miron Shtiglitz, Director of Product Management

    Lean.Al aims to revolutionize and refine the ways in which quality control is achieved. Their vision is to enable ideal quality in complex manufacturing processes through unsupervised self-learning Al technology, providing accurate detection and predictive process control. Moreover, this technology is robust to process variation due its elasticity and online learning capabilities, that will in real-time adapt the model to any process or environmental change.

  • MTEK – A game changer in Manufacturing Systems
    Mattias Andersson, Founder MTEK Industry

    Synopsis: MTEK Industry has developed the world's only modular, no code Manufacturing System, connecting and contextualizing sensors to ERP and everything in between. MTEK's platform Mbrain, is a solution for digitalization of manufacturing and supply of discrete manufacturing, extending over the life cycle of products.

  • ShiraTech
    Guy Zohar, VP of Product Management

    Synopsis: ShiraTech-Knowtion is a leading expert in AI-based predictive maintenance and condition monitoring hardware - and software technologies. By combining comprehensive sensor-driven data monitoring with multi-layered artificial intelligence, we ensure that production plants continuously operate at maximum efficiency and at minimum cost. We help industry experts detect and predict plant failures with predictive analytics and deliver actionable insights that drive key decision-making in real-time.

  • Substorm AI – Intelligent Automation for companies today and tomorrow
    Dr. Niklas Karvonen, CTO

    Synopsis: Substorm help companies identify business cases for intelligent automation and develop these end-to-end. Substorm is looking for companies that are ready to raise their automation level, but they are also open to more collaborations, e.g. research, sweat equity, and product development.

  • Tensorleap, eliminate uncertainty in neural networks!
    David BenDavid, CEO and co-founder

    Synopsis:  Tensorleap offers the only debugging and interpretability development platform for neural networks. By bringing transparency to data models, Tensorleap removes uncertainty and enables data scientists and organizations to eliminate the danger of having their models fail in production, while also boosting data science team’s efficiency and allowing enterprises to significantly shorten time to market of their products. In doing so, Tensorleap unleashes the power of neural networks to help solve some of the world’s toughest problems.

  • Icarus Revolutionary aeroscience: Reliable simulation with Adaptive Euler
    Johan Jansson, CEO Icarus Digital Math, Assoc. Prof. KTH Royal Insistute of Technology

    Synopsis: You can now reliably design, optimize, certify and innovate aircraft, wind turbines, ships, etc. in the web browser, 100x faster and cheaper than industry standard. Strong recognition of breakthrough from NASA, IVA Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences, etc.

  • AIRThe Ultimate freedom of flight - accessible 
    Rani Plaut, CEO, AIR

    Synopsis: AIR is leveraging its patented technology and legacy, automotive based, concepts, to develop and offer a two-seater, personal use, electric arial vehicle. With a unique “fly by intent” computerized flight control system, AIR revolutionizes air mobility and brining it to the daily use level. After 5 years of development, AIR has demonstrated full scale flight this year and after the product debut in the US, over 250 customers have secured their place by paying a deposit. AIR is currently raising its A round.

  • Evoma ABfrom data to Digital Twins and optimization to decision support
    Amos Ng, CEO

    Synopsis: Evoma AB is a unique approach to Digital Twins and AI implementations in the manufacturing industry and healthcare systems engineering. Evoma AB is interested in discussing with potential partners in developing their technologies further for other business sectors. business goal is to enable our customers to benefit from state-of-the-art simulation and simulation-based optimization technologies, not only through our flagship product, FACTS Analyzer Professional, but also our customized consultancy services and industrial-based education courses. Evoma offers not only consultancy services to optimize their customers’ production flow but also increase their knowledge and competences in production systems engineering in general.

  • NewSight Imaging
    Michal Cooper, Director of Strategic Partnerships

    Synopsis: Newsight Imaging is a designer, developer, and manufacturer of advanced 3D vision and spectral analysis solutions. Newsight’s 3D sensors are making machines smarter and more autonomous. This functionality has been sought after for years - but was never accessible due to the high prices of 3D sensors and LiDAR technology. Our sensors and products are small, affordable, and highly adaptable - making them the perfect fit for a wide spread of applications and markets. weather for autonomous cars, smart manufacturing, robotics, Smart City, AR and Surveillance Safety. Our spectral solutions are enabling lab-quality diagnosis in a small chip. Our Tiny Spectrometers are used worldwide for the diagnosis of Water, Healthcare, Food, and Beverages.

  • VBN Components – Redefining Wear Resistance by Additive Manufacturing
    Magnus Bergman, CEO

    VBN Components is part of renewing the global materials industry. As the manufacturing industry is going through a major change, "digitalization", traditional subtractive methods are replaced by additive manufacturing (AM). The biggest need in the AM field, is for new materials and VBN is the only company in the world that have succeded in producing and offering hard and wear resistant metals by AM.
    Our market is spread into many sectors, such as defense industry, industrial machines and tooling, energy, automotive, metals and mining, and many.

  • SCADAfence
    Bernard Gordon, Inside Sales

    SCADAfence is the global technology leader in OT & IoT cybersecurity. SCADAfence offers a full suite of industrial cybersecurity products that provides full coverage of large-scale networks, offering best-in-class network monitoring, asset discovery, governance, remote access, and IoT device security.

  • Brillianetor
    Shlomi Guterman, VP Business Development

    Synopsis: Brillianetor’s patented, collaborative AI software for the industry 4.0 sector mimics human collaboration skills to enable robots to work together intuitively in any dynamic environment. The company's platform and tools enable quick, easy deployment and maintenance of multi-robot teamwork operations, with zero programming. Rapid and cost effective, it enables robots and other controlled devices to cooperate autonomously, react to unexpected events, and act together to enhance performance and production at the plant.


Participants are invited to a networking lunch on-premise.


Introduction Key Notes to Collaboration with Swedish & Israeli Academia & Research Institutes á 15min

  • Innovation and tech collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology
    Johan Stahre, Chair Professor and Head of Division Production Systems, Assistant Head of Department, Department of Industrial and Material Science

    Synopsis: This presentation will introduce to the innovation collaboration opportunities with Chalmers University of Technology.

  • Technion University
    Miriam Erez, Prof., Chair-Knowledge Center for Innovation, Technion University

    Founded in 1912, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology is Israel’s first university and its largest center of applied research. Technion is ranked among the leading technological universities worldwide. Prof. Erez's research areas are innovation and entrepreneurship, cross-cultural, global organizational behavior, and work motivation. She has authored two books, co-edited five books, and published over 100 journal papers and book chapters. She has advised over 100 graduate students. 

  • A brief introduction of the Swedish Production Academy and the Ingenjör 4.0 upskilling program
    Prof. Anna Syberfeldt and Prof. Amos Ng, University of Skövde & Swedish Production Academy

    The Swedish Production Academy (SPA) gathers excellent academic actors within the production area and jointly sets the agenda for world-class research and higher education in Sweden. SPA comprises leading professors, researchers, teachers and PhD students from 13 universities working with production research and education in Sweden. Through a strong collaboration among academic partners, a close connection to the Swedish manufacturing industry and a tight relation to the Swedish funding agencies (e.g., Vinnova), SPA has become an important and influential actor nationally as well as internationally. In this talk, the chair and secretary of SPA will briefly introduce SPA and the Swedish Production Symposium (SPS) as well as the Ingenjör 4.0 upskilling program aimed at engineering professionals in Swedish industries, initiated by SPA within the strategic innovation program, Produktion2030, and jointly developed by the 13 member universities.

  • Ramot at Tel Aviv University
    Yair Eran, VP Business Development, Engineering

    Synopsis: Ramot initiates, manages and encourages investment in promising innovations through a variety of channels. We make sure to develop TAU’s innovation to their full potential. We seek to promote the university's developments in applications that make a positive impact on society and strive to bring the next big idea to realization.

    To date, Ramot has filed more than 5,000 patent applications that claim more than 1,300 inventions, leading to the establishment of more than 100 start-ups and over 200 licenses and option agreements with commercial partners.

  • Blekinge Institute of Technology - Blockchain-based Secure and Distributed Marketplaces for Telecommunication Services and Beyond
    Kurt Tutschku, Prof. for Telecommunication Systems, Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH)

    Synopsis: The presentation will discuss the foundations, system concepts, and capabilities of blockchain-based secure and decentralized marketplaces for network services. Furthermore, it outlines the extension of the decentralized concept beyond networks and towards the secure trading of different electronic goods.


Networking break & coffee


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